Blackbird is my cosy boutique hair salon located in the outskirts of Brisbane City, in Taringa. I opened the salon in 2015 with the vision to run it solo, to provide clients with a unique one on one experience in a relaxed environment. I am able to spend ample time talking to clients about their needs, wishes and their lifestyle to best determine the perfect style for them without feeling rushed. 

When designing my space, the overall feel was at the forefront of my mind, I was determined to create a homely feel and steer as far away from the traditional salons many have become accustomed to.

Two years later, I decided to take on another direction for my shop, and so now i have homewares. I decided to incorporate some very special pieces into my shop to encourage the love of locally handmade,  ethically sourced, sustainable products into the homes of others. My vision is to sell high quality wares on a small scale to promote less mass production and more meaningful purchases. My store has a strong focus on Australian made products to support local Artists, Makers and Designers, providing the knowledge of who has actually made our pieces and where they are from. 

As far as  hair care goes, I am extremely proud to be stocking, using and selling REDKEN hair care and styling.