CUT & BLOWDRY                           

LADIES         fr. 90                                           

MENS                40                                         

KIDS                   30                                         

BLOWDRY  fr. 50                                         

STYLING       poa





RETOUCH             fr.95

SEMI                         s.70  m.80 l.90

FOILS                       part. 125 half. 165 full. 199

TONER with foils    fr. 35

At Blackbird we specialise in colouring, utilising modern ammonia-free colours and techniques. We are proud to use Redken for its result driven and modern technology.

We provide cutting & styling to suit each individual guest. Time & consideration is taken to discuss personal needs, wishes and realistic goals and outcomes.

Each style and colour requires the best in modern haircare, therefore Blackbird is proud to stock REDKEN who provide the ultimate in haircare and styling, technologically advanced and scientifically proven, sulphate free and is not tested on animals